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    Chess Training:
    Chess is an incredible board game. Strategies, mind games will only help one to
    win in a chess game. Without a proper strategy, you will lose the game within
    minutes. Time Master Institute is offering Chess classes in Musaffah location
    for interested kids. If you are a parent who has a strong desire to make your
    child learn this intelligent game in quick time, then get him/her to us. We make
    them learn the tactics, strategies very easily and help them grow into a best
    chess player in no time. Right from exposing them from the basics to making
    them understand the advanced levels of chess, we take care of everything at
    our Chess training in Musaffah.
    Right from the start of the game till the end, you must have many techniques
    in your brain so that you can crush your opponent easily. So, evaluating the
    positions and the structure of the game is extremely vital. If you are careless,
    opponent puts excess pressure on you and will affect your moves. So, in our
    chess classes for kids, we have specifically designed sessions to build an all-
    round knowledge of the game and then play the game. If you learn the rules of
    the game in quick succession, you will be able to master the chess game very
    easily. So, our Chess trainers will help you with this and all we need is your
    complete focus on the game.
    Course Details:
    Below are the entire details of our Chess courses in Musaffah:
    Eligibility: The minimum eligibility to attend our classes is 5+ years, which is
    primary and secondary class children.
    Duration: The course duration depend on completion.
    Registration requirements: We need parent’s passport copy or a valid ID card
    for easy completion of the registration process.
    Certified by: We are certified by the Time Master Skills Development Center,
    the head office of Abu Dhabi, UAE
    Teachers/Students Ratio: 1:10
    No. of levels: The number of levels is 2

    Level Duration: 16 classes for one level (2 levels)
    Fee per level: Dhs.750
    Entry fee: Dhs. 100
    Medium of Instruction: English
    Teaching Aids:
    ? Lateral thinking techniques must be learned effectively, so that kids can
    master the game and crush their competition easily and we can help
    them do it.
    ? Our skilled trainers will guide students to success by boosting their self-
    ? We give each student an individual kit so that they can practice and
    make themselves even better.
    ? Our top-notch chess classes for kids will considerably enhance their
    memory skills as well.
    ? We teach the vital problems solving techniques to the kid’s and so they
    will be capable of taking intellectual decisions at crucial times in the
    ? Our efforts will no doubt inspire the kids, resulting in outstanding results
    and better their logical thinking capabilities.
    ? We assure that the environment will be highly competitive and friendly
    at the same time.
    Our main intention is making kids to learn counter-intuitive key moves. We
    make kids learn chess in a way that they can make this as their career and
    progress accordingly. Though it takes some time, we assure you that your kid is
    in experts hands who will impart never give up attitude in them. Chess game is
    not just intense but also fun. So, join our best chess classes today and see how
    you will improve in playing chess very quickly.
    Pros of our chess classes in Musaffah:
    Below are some of the incredible advantages of our chess classes:
    ? Memory improvement is given the primary significance at Time Master
    training institute.

    ? We will improve your IQ power in a way that you will be capable of
    guessing the subsequent steps of your opponent and take timely
    ? We help kids understand the value of timing when playing the game.
    ? Our professional trainers have already successfully boosted the
    confidence of many kids till date and are on the verge of proving even
    more things in the future.
    ? Our constant efforts will improve the clarity on the game to the kids.
    ? We assure you that there will be excellence in our coaching without
    ? Our trainers will make increased efforts every time to enhance your
    practical knowledge and skill.
    ? We will quickly expose kids to the technical terminology of chess.
    Playing chess game has proved to increase the mental skills of the person. You
    will be high on your confidence levels and that confidence will boost you to
    win over your opponent. At our chess training institute in Musaffah, we aim to
    offer classes in a way that helps in improving kids academics. Chess game helps
    in imparting skills and learning skills that will sharpen the brain and understand
    difficult concepts easily. So, if ever you want to improve your academics, you
    can join our chess classes immediately.
    ? Level exam event will be conducted once in 3 months.
    ? National level competition will be conducted once every year.
    ? International level competition will be conducted once every year.
    ? Workshops are given utmost importance at our institute as they will help
    in providing more skills.
    ? Inter-school competition will be happening regularly.
    What makes us different?
    We are the best chess training institute in Musaffah right now because we are
    different from other institutes in numerous ways:
    ? We do provide worldwide transferable certificate to the students.
    ? We also offer extra classes for more practice to the students.

    ? Our faculty and staff members are available at all times just in case
    students get any doubts.
    ? We focus on every individual student while they play the game because
    when we notice any mistake we tell them on the spot and help in
    improving their game quickly.
    ? We organize periodical parent’s orientation.
    ? We also offer periodical report on your kid’s performance.
    ? The timings are very extremely flexible and as per your convenience.
    ? Transportation is made available to the students.
    ? There are separate batches made available for every level and based on
    the level, we also offer precise report to the parents.
    ? All the kids are monitored under the CCTV surveillance.
    ? Every kid experiences excellent infrastructure and amenities at Time
    Master Institute.
    ? We also reward and give appreciation for toppers frequently.
    ? You can observe very friendly environment inside our institute.
    ? Besides all these, we give great inspiration which helps in overall
    development of your kid.
    With all these advantages, do you think you are ready to join our chess training
    classes? If yes, give us a call today.

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